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Let the blockchain reinstate your trust in digital advertising

Campaign Governance

Spend Distribution

Transparent distribution of advertising spend is recorded on the immutable data ledger for advertisers, to reveal and remove unauthorised and hidden tech fees.

Impression Verification

Accept and pay for only verified impressions defined by advertisers, and avoid tedious campaign dispute and wastage of ad spend on low quality impressions.

Fraud Elimination

Reveal and eradicate illegal ad spend generated from fraudulent advertising traffic, and enables true ad spend on real and quality consumers.

Campaign Audit

Store all advertisers’ campaign data on tamper-proof blockchain, and unlock the possibility of accessing absolutely trustful campaign results.


Increased ROI

With eliminated unauthorised fees and fraud activities, advertisers can enjoy a much lower CPM and acquire significantly bigger number of users with the same level of spend in the past.

Easy Governance

All stakeholders in a single campaign can track and calculate their spend and revenue via a unified and multilaterally agreed tracking and verification environment.

Efficient Optimisation

Through gaining the transparency and fraud detection, advertisers are enabled to significantly improve their campaign optimisation activities with accurate information.

Quick Turnaround

Having traditional Insertion Order executed in smart contract and all stakeholders abide by same campaign rules, advertisers can save noticeable time wastage on bureaucratic processes.

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