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Blockchain retains your integrity and defends your financial security


Revenue Transparency

BitCasts uses the decentralised application to store every impressions delivered and record and report every fraction of revenue generated for publishers and service providers.

Finance Protection

The smart contract makes the real-time payment processing of publishers’ and service providers’ revenue possible and protects their financial interests.

Legitimacy Proof

Utilise the immutable ledger of data storage, publishers and service providers can effortlessly access proof of their legitimacy to attract more premium advertisers.

Universal Involvement

BitCasts will develop a SMART API model which intends to support all major types of service providers and enables an unprecedented level of involvements.


Increased Yield

Publishers and service providers are empowered by the transparent ad spend on the usage of their traffic and platform to eliminate any revenue fraud and increase the yield.

Safe Cash Flow

The real-time payment processing mitigates the financial risks imposed on publishers and service providers, and ensures the critical operating cash flow of their businesses.

Client Prospect

The SMART API enables various service providers to participate in and benefit from blockchain advertising and prospect higher client engagement rate.

Reduced Cost

Publishers and service providers will enjoy a hassle-free selling experience adopting the smart contract and have a reduced cost of fund, time and people in settling transactions.

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