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Our team are dedicated to create a greener and cleaner digital advertising space, and are passionate about applying the cutting edge technology to accomplish our mission.

Zheng Zhang


Zheng Zhang - CEO & Co-Founder: Zheng has 6 years experience in the programmatic advertising, and held a leading global director role of product and sales engineering at the world’s first mobile demand side platform, StrikeAd. He led the product management in development and release of the first mobile DSP worldwide, and supported the acquisition between StrikeAd and Sizmek.

Vladyslav Kushka

CTO & Co-Founder

Vlad has more than 17 years experience in the telecom industry with 7 years experience in the programmatic ad space. He has developed extensive and in-depth expertise in programming language, big data, high load system, and has proven leadership and management skills. He is also enthusiastic in blockchain technology, and actively participate in various conferences.

Ai Nakama

Director of Business Development

Louise Quan

Director of Marketing

A social media and content marketer with nine years experience in the media industry. An organised and problem-solving individual who enjoys collaborating with stakeholders. Planning and project work in a creative environment allows me to be empowered while always learning and developing. In addition, dance is a huge part of what I do in life and I enjoy learning, performing as well as teaching.

Aleksey Morarash

System Architect

Aleksey has more than a decade experience in design and development of large scale data processing solutions including ClustrX OS for HPC and VSC for Virtual Super Computer. He has 5 years experience in the programmatic advertising space, and he is particularly strong in Golang, Erlang and Python.

Yevhen Sylenko

Senior Backend Developer

Yevhen specialised in Python and Golang application. He took part as leading developer in multiple financial applications including software programming for POS terminals. He is also passionate in DevOps and internet security, and contributed as Dev Ops engineer in global entertainment projects.

Mykola Klitovchenko

Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

Taras Shumeiko

Senior Fullstack Software Engineer

Experienced in Frontend & Backend Development with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Web Performance Tuning, PHP, NodeJS, Golang, Angular, and Mobile Games.

Yevgen Vegera

Technical Operation Manager

Started career from 1999, Yevgen has developed extensive knowledge and experience in the commercial areas, including 15 years development in internet-cafes “Vault” and restaurants “Parovoz” networks, and software design for ecological human interaction and business process automation.

Igor Kasianenko

Demand Partnership Manager

Igor has more than 6 years experience in digital advertising with 2 years dedicated to the programmatic ad space. In 2014 he was leading the development of advertising mobile platform http://mobair.com as part of Noosphere Ventures company. Participated in various areas in digital advertising space, Igor has gained great insights into commercial advantages and challenges of digital advertising.

Oleksiy Klitovchenko

Infrastructure Manager

Software engineer with 9+ years of experience in IT industry.<br /> Gained deep knowledge in all stages of development and implementation of Complex Security Systems and Intelligent Surveillance software products.

Andrii Shabalin

Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer: Andrii develops infrastructure applications to support the running of company's SaaS software, and maintains an available and heathy system on 24/7. He received extensive education in mathematics, and he is passionate of cryptography, machine learning, blockchain technologies along with theoretical physics, and cosmology.