(The Block) | Cleaning Up Programmatic Advertising

24th Jul 2017

Our recent announcement on our launch of “BitCasts” and EnvisionX being the first to bring programmatic enabled blockchain technology to ad tech, addressing industry key issues and challenges was featured in The Block - a publication dedicated to blockchain technology news. 

The Block - EnvisionX news - ENTERPRISE Cleaning up programmatic advertising

In the article Zheng Zhang, EnvisionX CEO and founder, said: 

“We are radicalising the digital advertising space by leveraging the power of blockchain technology with progressive programmatic advertising. There are a few pioneers in advertising who have built a basic cryptocurrency based ad network. 

However, by combining our existing advanced programmatic ecosystem with blockchain technology, Bitcasts is set to really bring online advertising to the next stage and help us to continue working for the greater good of the industry as a whole.”

Read the full article via The Block to learn more about the challenges the ad tech market faces and how BitCasts addresses those challenges. 

BitCasts - Programmatically Enabled Blockchain Technology by EnvisionX

Head over to the BitCasts website to learn more about our new programmatic blockchain technology platform. 

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~ The EnvisionX Team