Die Besten Sims 4 Mods

Die Besten Sims 4 Mods Was sind Mods?

„Die Sims 4“ ist Ihnen zu harmlos und kindisch? Dann machen Sie Ihre Sims mit der Mod „Basemental Drugs“ zu Drogenjunkies! Die Installation ist aber etwas. Nackte Haut und arrogante Sims: Mit den passenden Modifikationen spielen Sie den „Sims 4“-Gott. Diese Erweiterungen Das sind die besten Modifikationen für „Sims 4“ Download: Breast Augmentation – Mod herunterladen. Quelle: EA. Mod und CC können von verschiedenen Websites heruntergeladen werden. Dazu solltet ihr einfach in eine Suchmaschine so etwas wie „Die Sims 4 CC“.

Die Besten Sims 4 Mods

Nackte Haut und arrogante Sims: Mit den passenden Modifikationen spielen Sie den „Sims 4“-Gott. Diese Erweiterungen Das sind die besten Modifikationen für „Sims 4“ Download: Breast Augmentation – Mod herunterladen. Quelle: EA. Mod und CC können von verschiedenen Websites heruntergeladen werden. Dazu solltet ihr einfach in eine Suchmaschine so etwas wie „Die Sims 4 CC“. „Die Sims 4“ ist Ihnen zu harmlos und kindisch? Dann machen Sie Ihre Sims mit der Mod „Basemental Drugs“ zu Drogenjunkies! Die Installation ist aber etwas. Die Besten Sims 4 Mods

Some are much less complex, just restructuring the regular game files to add in or change things like a Sims 3 mod which allows late night bars to stay open 24 hours instead of closing at 2 a.

Whether you're new to the modding world or can't run a Sims game without custom content CC and mods, here are some great Sims 4 mods that every Simmer will want to add to their game!

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, you should probably learn how to install a mod into your game. The Sims 4 makes it easier than ever: simply download the mod in question, unzip the files they will typically end in.

Some mods have more complex instructions, so make sure to read the "Installation Notes" when downloading.

Though all of these mods have been tested and should work functionally with your game, be aware that 3rd party content could potentially cause damage.

If you do run into any issues after installation, remove the mod from your game and consider informing its creator about the issue.

I can't play my game without this one- and it's a BIG one in the Sims community. MC Command Center is what we used to know as "story progression," which wasn't included in The Sims 4.

It allows your neighborhood to grow and thrive without your direct interaction. Download MC Command Center so your Sims can get married, have children, find jobs, and basically live their lives, even if you aren't playing with them.

You can also add in additional modules which will allow the game to clean up your neighborhood by deleting homeless Sims and ghosts, allowing you to set default makeup and clothes on townies, allows you to delete all vampires or aliens, plus a whole bunch of other options.

A lot of Simmers live by this mod, and I can see why: the vanilla game can feel a bit static when the other Sims in your neighborhood don't do anything without you; with the MC Command Center, life goes on whether or not you play each individual household.

These first two require the Get to Work expansion pack, but both are well worth adding if you've bought the EP. Thanks to Sims 4 modder extraordinaire, Zerbu, there are now a lot of ways to enjoy working and going to school in The Sims 4, the first of which is the Go to School mod.

If you've ever wanted to go to school with your children and teen Sims, here's your chance. The Go to School mod allows you to follow your children or teens to elementary or high school.

Your school performance plays a part in your overall grade, so make sure your Sims are working their hardest in class.

Don't worry, though— it's not all work and no play. The mod adds in random events, like field trips your Sims will randomly be transported somewhere in town, like a museum or park, and have "field trip" activities to do instead , and school dress-up day, where all your classmates come dressed in costumes.

You can even choose to skip school and play hooky, if you want— there's now a "hooky" skill that your Sim can work on to evade school with no negative effects.

Download the Go to School mod here and make sure you follow ALL the directions on Zerbu's page to get it to work correctly, and don't forget to download an elementary and high school for your town.

You can also find my CC-free school creations under the gallery by searching "brittpinkie" as well.

This link will bring you to the newest version, V4, which includes new interactions, NPCs, a teaching career and a lot more :. Many of the previous games had the ability to add new food.

Until recently, The Sims 4 modders hadn't figured it out, but now they have. Custom Food Interactions is the mod you need to add new foods to your game!

With it, you can download a plethora of choices, like ramen or udon, mini pizzas, soups, dumplings, or breads.

Continuing on with the food theme, it's definitely worth highlighting these two mods by the super-talented modder, icemunmun.

The first of the two is the Functional Canning Station. This mod adds in the Canning Station from the Sims 3 and gives your Sims the ability to can 15 different preserves everything from honey spread to mango chutney , which give off some unique buffs when your Sims consume them!

There's also a level Canning Skill associated with the mod! This is a great mod for anyone who liked the Canning Station from The Sims 3 or who is looking for a new activity for their Sims to enjoy in the game.

This mod brings 10 new cotton candy flavours and buffs to go with all of them. It's definitely worth checking out all of icemunmun's mods, as she does lots of nice food-related ones.

You can never have enough food in the game! All iterations of The Sims games have come with careers created by the fans, but The Sims 4 is finally getting a few custom careers of its own.

We do have to thank the talented Neia for creating her modding tool, which has allowed modders to easily create customer careers of their own.

Here are some of my favourite custom careers:. Modders and CC creators have increasingly begun to upload their content onto their own sites instead of ModTheSims for many reasons, but that's another article.

There's nothing wrong with that, but you need to be careful, as some creators hide their download links behind a thing called AdFly, or host their downloads on really spammy sites.

The best thing is to use AdBlocker when downloading; it'll keep you safe from viruses or overly spammy AdFly pages!

Want to give your Sims the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Then try out Sacrificial Road to Fame mod! This mod adds tons of new gameplay, including skills Simstagram Skill , fame levels, buffs, new interactions and animations, fans and paparazzi and more!

This mod is really fun and in-depth due to all the cool abilities Sacrificial created for it. It feels more like an official expansion pack due to the depth, and is definitely a good pack for anyone who misses the celebrity elements from The Sims 3.

Sacrificial also updates the mod regularly and if you subscribe to his Patreon page, you can get updates as soon as he releases them and adds new, fun elements.

Are you frustrated that your cats and dogs aren't playable in The Sims 4? It does have some basic interactions that you can do as a pet, such as "investigate" or "perform routine", but I like this mod because it allows you to select your pet and stop them from doing certain interactions, force them do interactions like eat, sleep, play, etc.

If you miss the fairies from The Sims 3, don't worry- talented modder, Nyx has brought them back in a new and unique way with their Fairies mod!

This mod adds the ability to play as a fairy in The Sims 4! You can have wings of different colors, can cast magic auras, meditate, "fly", and more!

Nyx worked really hard on this mod and it shows- there's tons of buffs, new interactions, abilities and fun elements which makes it feel like an exciting addition to the game.

If you're looking for another supernatural-themed mod, then you should definitely try out the Become a Sorcerer Mod by Triplis! This mod allows your Sims to become a sorcerer either good or bad!

You can manipulate the freewill of other Sims, work on the Black Arts Skill or the White Arts Skill, choose to devote yourself to the Light or Dark side, have a magical connection between other Sims, and even Teleport!

This is another really well developed mod with tons of abilities, traits, skills, and more that'll give you hours of additional game play!

I don't know about you, but I've been dying for The Sims 4 to create a beach vacation world. Thankfully, while we wait for the official beach world to come out if it ever does , we can play with Nandos and SimsFans' Tropical Getaway Mod!

The mod replaces the woodsy exterior of Granite Falls into a tropical destination, with beaches, waterfalls and volcanoes in the distance, sand on the ground, and even new beach-themed lots.

Zerbu the above creator of the Go To School mod also made new traits for this mod "Relaxer" and "Beach Junkie" , and there's even new CAS clothing that will look great on your beach-going Sims.

I really love this mod! I don't keep it in my game all the time, but I love putting it in when my Sims want to take a tropical vacation and relax on the beach!

Sims 4 modders have been creating custom traits and aspirations for quite some time now, and there are TONS out there.

You can browse the traits and aspirations tags on ModTheSims or SSSVitlans' Tumblr , but here are some of my favourite custom traits and aspirations, that I think are worth a mention:.

This one doesn't add to the actual game play, but it's definitely a must-have if you're a generations-type player, or anyone who plays the game for more than a few days.

Here's the thing: The Sims 4 has a huge glitch in it, where it culls deletes Sims from your neighborhood bin.

This happens after an in-game week, or when your population reaches over The game does this to keep things running smoothly, which seems great in theory, but the problem comes with whom it chooses to cull— anyone your Sims haven't interacted with lately— so that might be old friends, old family, or even ghosts.

This causes a bunch of problems; relationships already decay quickly in the game, so that best friend you haven't called in a few weeks?

Well, she's deleted now. Oh, and that ghost in your family tree? Well, now it's been culled from the game and that spot in your family tree is vacant :.

The No Culling Mod again, by the talented Neia does exactly what it says, and it's essential for anyone who wants to keep their family trees intact and play with all the Sims they've created or befriended.

You can easily do your own culling by periodically going through the neighborhood menu and deleting Sims manually and you can keep an eye on your population by downloading this small Get Town Population mod.

This is a must-have for any player, in my opinion! I've finally added one of the most popular, albeit risque mods for the Sims 4 to this page- turbodriver's Wicked Whims.

I'll be completely honest with you- I do not use this mod in my game woohoo under the covers is just fine with me, haha , but if you want to have more fully animated X-rated options for woohoo in the game, this is the mod for you.

As I update this page, I'll be "retiring mods" from the list. That doesn't mean that they're not still worth downloading or that they're broken; it simply means that there are newer, cooler mods to download at the moment.

Here's some of the mods that I once featured here, which are still worth adding to your game:. It doesn't alter gameplay, except cosmetically.

Yes, there sure is. You don't download them in Origin! Please check out my other article, How to Download and Install Mods in The Sims 4 to find out how to download mods if you don't know how.

Sims 4 online multiplay is fairly new and I haven't tried it yet myself to call it a "must-have" mod! Is there a slow dancing mod for SIMS 4?

Will mods slow down my game? There is! Check out this mod: mysims4blog. Not officially in The Sims 4.

They can have moodlets that make them feel happy or relaxed from drinking beverages from bars.

There are mods for getting drunk, though. I'm not too sure they will! Sort results by Date Downloads.

Sleepy Trait Narcolepsy Jun 27, by Quigleythecrow. Orange Roof Tiles Jun 25, by yesimaweirdo. Jun 22, by Sims4LifeStories.

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As this mod has the potential to do so many things, it usually comes in a series of modules enabling you to mix and match with ease.

Undoubtedly, the Sims represents an emotional group, and their moods change faster than the time taken to flip a switch. It is those simple activities such as enjoying a nice meal in a properly decorated room that is going to fill them with joy for some hours, and the feeling vanishes off after that.

So, if you are not happy with this state of mind of the Sims, you can go ahead and download Emotional Inertia as it makes the emotions more significant and consequential.

Not only are the emotions going to last longer, but they are going to be hard to tramp, and eventually it is going to be more difficult to reach the higher ranks of each one.

You can no longer have a tight grip on your Sims whether they are up or down, which might make them feel like real people.

This is an incredible mod that lets you change the lighting and backgrounds and allow you to get rid of those annoying specs although it may still need a bit of fine-tuning.

This mod makes it effortless to see what you have been doing. Although the Lighting option has green and blue highlights, it also changes the color of the skin, hair, eyes, and clothing.

It offers you with a couple of lighting options, removes the specs, and allows you to change the background easily from the default color gradient.

As it comes in different modules, you can download as much or as little as you want. If you are tired of your Sims engaging in meaningless conversations with each other, then this mod can spruce up their interactions.

It is an extensive mod and introduces several changes , but one of the primary features is to eliminate idle chats from the conversations, which implies that instead of casual talks on unimportant matters, the Sims must interact with each other on more realistic issues.

However, the mod decides how the conversation changes based on the current relationships between the Sims along with their present mood and the character traits.

While you can sit back and watch how things pan out, you may have to prepare for fireworks when the two Sims do not get along well with each other.

When you decide the weight and muscle mass of your Sims, it is as easy as moving a slider or pushing the bodies around in The Sims 4.

However, it is quite weird that every individual in this world has the same height. With the help of the Height Slider Sims 4 mod, you can fix this issue and add the natural stature variations to the neighborhood.

If you want to add creativity to the culinary area, the Custom Food Interactions gives you a good start. Although it does not add any new recipes or ingredients to the game, it adds new possible connections between the cooking equipment and the menu framework that lets you create a refrigerator filled with custom meals from the kitchen of the other modders.

With the installation of this mod, you may want to head towards the customized food section and choose your menu. You will come across a wide range of options while choosing meals such as biriyani, blueberry cheesecake, Chinese dumplings, or beignet.

You can grab an optional bib to ensure that you are not overwhelmed with the menu options and salivate on the keyboard accidentally. If you want to get the power to make the Sims go away, this is the mod you must choose.

It must have happened many times when a Sim lies on the bed after a day of hard work, and Vlad the Vampire shows up suddenly to suck their blood and destroy their workday.

When Vlad appears at the scene, you can choose this option and see him leave immediately. Do you know that the ultimate speed level is activated when your Sims fall asleep or are out of the house?

Well, it can trigger sometimes, but the speed is still slow. With SupeSpeed installation, you can activate the speed when you hit the 3-key twice in quick succession and say goodbye to wasted time and long days.

Fishing is one of the integral parts of the life of your Sim, but it is bad enough to travel a lot just to find a fishing pond.

Wasting more time to watch the screen load when you build on the angler skill can be annoying so why not have a pond at the backyard?

You can now put a beautiful little pond on your own lot and save the time taken to travel for the fishing expedition.

The Sims often make the dumbest of choices such as doing homework on the bench outside instead of their desks, grill burgers for breakfast and take the garbage out of the trash to play with it.

However, one of the pesky autonomous decisions of the Sims is to wash the dishes in the bathroom sink. Even though there is a good kitchen sink for washing the dishes, they will inevitably walk into the bathroom and get embarrassed to find their mom pooping.

With this mod, you can select the sinks for washing the dishes. Depending on the choices, you have to lean towards good or evil, which can change the type of spells you cast.

It will enliven you is you are bored with the current playthrough. With the mod installed, the default state becomes fine, and the Sims can experience several moments of true happiness when good things happen such as the first kiss and allow them to earn aspiration points with the happiness they achieve.

It gives the system of emotions a real purpose in the gameplay. Thank this mod for the lifelike gameplay. Many of the mods for The Sims 4 affect the way in which the Sims interact with each other.

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Wer lange genug mit Die Sims 4 zubringt, der kommt irgendwann an den Punkt, an dem an die Gründung einer Familie ansteht. Nach einem Patch finde ich meine Mods nicht mehr im Spiel! Aber wie gut kennt ihr euch mit dem Franchise aus?

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