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Love Trouble ist eine Mangaserie, die von 20von Kentarō Yabuki gezeichnet und von Saki Hasemi geschrieben wurde. Sie lässt sich der Shōnengattung zuordnen und enthält viele Etchi-Elemente. Love Trouble (jap. To LOVEる -とらぶる-, To LOVE-Ru -Toraburu-) ist eine Mangaserie, die von 20von Kentarō Yabuki gezeichnet und von Saki​. Die Serie To Love Ru: Darkness (watchbox) streamen ▷ Viele weitere Serien-​Episoden aus dem Genre Anime im Online Stream bei TVNOW anschauen. To Love-Ru: Trouble ist ein Anime des Studios»XEBEC«mit dem Hauptgenre Romantische Komödie. Beschreibung: Die Story von To Love-Ru handelt von. To Love Ru. Romantische KomödieScience FictionAnime. 1 StaffelHD. Ein Highschool-Junge wird von einer Prinzessin eines anderen Planeten als Verlobter.


Die Serie To Love Ru: Darkness (watchbox) streamen ▷ Viele weitere Serien-​Episoden aus dem Genre Anime im Online Stream bei TVNOW anschauen. Love Trouble ist eine Mangaserie, die von 20von Kentarō Yabuki gezeichnet und von Saki Hasemi geschrieben wurde. Sie lässt sich der Shōnengattung zuordnen und enthält viele Etchi-Elemente. Bei Netzkino können Sie viele To Love Ru - Alle Folgen! Filme jederzeit kostenlos anschauen. Jetzt online, per Android, iPhone, iPad oder SmartTV anschauen!

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To Love Ru Darkness - Haruna Drunk Fortunately, Momo was on Kindsköpfe Stream Hdfilme to beat the perpetrator within an inch of her life, before turning her over Deutschland Dating Zastin to be imprisoned. She may be a cutie, but don't go getting any ideas. Retrieved December 21, Almost Kiss : Rito and Yui, who is wearing nothing a shirt. It was developed by FuRyu, the idea Yesterday In German thank of Unchained Blades. Adaptation Dye-Job : Devilukean tails are actually very dark red.

Attractive Bent-Gender : Rito "Riko" gives the other fanservice-females a run for their money. Badass Adorable : Yami, for certain.

She may be a cutie, but don't go getting any ideas. She is a lethal Living Weapon. Partly due to being a hybrid between the Devilukean and Charmian species.

The serialized version of the manga that appears in the magazines utilizes the first trope, with the nipples never being drawn.

The collected volumes avert it, as the nipples are put back in. For some bizarre reason, the second anime avoids the first with one exception: Mikan and Yami lack nipples.

Even though the even younger-looking Nana and Momo have them. It makes no sense. Bathtub Scene : Many. The story starts with Rito taking a bath when Lala ends up transported naked into Rito bathtub where he is shocked and mesmerized by her naked body.

Beach Episode : Several times that include: a school trip, an invitation to Saki's private beach, or when they go to Okinawa with Lala's teleporter machine and turns out that they are on a separate planet, called Okiwan!.

The third OVA. It is so overloaded with fanservice it seemingly forgets to have a plot or dialog and just features the girls posing in swimsuits to ambient music for several minutes at a time.

And then there's the comparison of tanlines near the end The last story-arc is set in a public pool. Beauty Is Never Tarnished : Normally if any accident occurs, the males will suffer Amusing Injuries while the girls just get Clothing Damage or other embarrassing things.

Berserk Button : Nana with flat-chested comments. Lala with suitors fighting over her. Ren being called unmanly.

Yami, with any form of ecchi. Rito, when someone close to him seriously threatened. Get Momo mad and you could very well be in trouble.

Even Yami was impressed with her killing intent. Big Brother Attraction : Evidence has piled up that Mikan has a deep-seated crush for her brother Rito.

Made more obvious in the second OVA with a jealous Mikan wondering what it would be like if they weren't related right after joking about marriage.

Her reaction for being questioned by Nana about love interest. The infamous Chapter , in which: Mikan's accused of turning down her male classmates' affection because of, as her friends put it, her "awesome brother".

Cue Suspiciously Specific Denial to the accusation. She has an unusually jealous reaction to Momo hanging onto and teasing Rito.

She plays with this trope a bit when she tells Rito they are not related by blood just to see his reaction, only to admit she's just kidding afterwards.

Later, Celine works her usual magic on Mikan, which results in some sexual tension. Big Damn Heroes : Averted hilariously in episode 4.

Note: Despite being straight bishonen, Rito isn't attractive because of his coolness except occasionally for Haruna , it's his kindness that become the magnet.

On the other hand, Ren is straight example, being somewhat rude. Bizarre Alien Biology : Devilukeans shrink and possibly reverse-age when undergoing severe stress and exhaustion.

Fighting a war has caused it to happen to Lala's father, who was reduced to a baby, while in Darkness , Lala herself shrinks to about ten-years-of-age.

See The Chew Toy. Initially, the harder she tries to keep order, the more screwy fate treats her. Seriously, just how many times has she been involved in Rito's Zastin; quite explicitly in the manga, while he's merely an idiot in the anime.

Motemitsu essentially exists solely to show up at random times, fail horribly at whatever it is he's doing, and have everyone around comment on how they expected it.

Saruyama that is envious of Rito for all of his Accidental Pervert situations. In an omake he tried to imitate Rito "incidents" and, instead, Who had stripped to his boxers and was chasing a girl.

Breast Expansion : One chapter has Yami use her shapeshifting powers for this purpose. Breather Episode : Episode 14's a refreshingly mundane, but heartwarming look at what Rito and Haruna's relationship could be like without all the extraterrestrial insanity.

A wise directorial choice, considering for the rest of the series, this blessed normality never returns again. Buxom Is Better : A chapter has the girls discuss about this after listen Saruyama gives Rito a speech about the big breast.

Risa and Mio also tease Yui for having a great figure, telling her that she should appeal to boys using her chest. Cameo : In return for visiting Stray , Peke gets some peculiar manga to read.

Cannot Spit It Out : Subverted. Averted for Rito towards Lala though. As soon as he is sure of his feelings, he takes her aside and tells her he loves her.

He then proceeds to, at her insistence, attempt to confess to Haruna, only to be interrupted by her running away and getting replaced by half the female cast just in time for him to say the three magic words.

This being the end of the last chapter, much rage ensued. One has to wonder just how much Yui can possibly hold in every time she's alone with Rito.

Canon Discontinuity : It's stated in the first chapter that except for matters dealing with women, Rito is aggressive and strong.

Unfortunately, he's almost always dealing with women, so this attribute usually only surfaces when a new haremette shows up that needs to be impressed by his hot bloodedness , or when one of his existing haremettes is in trouble.

Canon Immigrant : Plots from multiple H-doujinshi have been partially incorporated into the series. Although she kicks Nana out of the room before she can realize what Momo was doing.

Censor Steam : Used quite a bit in both the anime and manga. Streams of light coming through a window is rather creatively used for this.

Censor Steam and Godiva Hair only appear in the serialized version of magazines and episodes. The collected volumes and DVDs of the manga and anime subverts this and are "uncensored", featuring unobstructed views of the female characters' chests.

Character Development : Subtle, but definitely there. Rito goes from boy with crush on a girl he can't even think about in a bikini without a meltdown to a boy in love with two girls and only freaks out if they're naked.

Haruna goes from painfully shy and self-conscious to Yui drastically mellows out over to course of the series, going from "how indecent" to joking and laughing about Rito's Accidental Pervert moments.

She went from cold-blooded assassin to nearly being killed by an assassin because Brainwashed and Crazy Mikan was in the way and she refused to harm her, smiling constantly around Rito and Mikan, and even being nicer to Rito.

The Chew Toy : The Principal. His only role is getting beat up by the female characters when he dashes towards them.

Especially if Golden Darkness is involved Zastin, quite frequently. Literally the first time Rito meets him, a stray dog starts gnawing the bone-like "armor" on Zastin's leg.

The dog shows up, again chewing his armor, at least once more in the series. Chick Magnet : Rito, obviously. Rito's status is also Lampshaded rather often, mostly though not always by Mikan, who calls him a Playboy, or notes just how many girls surround him.

Nana also calls him playboy, and we all know Momo's thoughts on the matter. He has so many girls after him, a good majority of which are royalty, that Momo has decided that it would be much simpler if he just married all of them.

Curiously, it seems Mikan's the genderflipped version, constantly asked out by boys her age, but always rejecting them.

Seems to run in the family. Class Trip : There is an arc where Rito's class trip to the summer seaside school. Hell, Lala seems to enjoy it when he spends time with the other girls.

What is interesting is that Run and Yui only display one characteristic; Run is clingy, but doesn't really get jealous, while Yui gets jealous but can hardly be called clingy.

Clothing Damage : Metric tons of it, even without a giant alien frog which literally has no purpose but to melt people's clothes off.

Doesn't matter what the cause is, any female in the cast is going to get her clothing torn off in some way.

Despite looking around Mikan's age, there's no mention of them going to school. While it isn't outright stated, it's subtly shown they mainly hang out at the Yuuki residence all day.

Yami flirts with this by spending all day hanging around Rito's school reading books, though she eschews classes and the school uniform.

Control Freak : Yui, though she mellows out quite a bit. Cosplay Otaku Girl : Mio, one of those two girls. Cousin Oliver : Celine, in her little child form.

Yes, that Akeno, who played Zakuro. Yes, the Zakuro with the high pitched Yuri Shiratori -esque voice. Cry Cute : The human form of Peke apparently.

Also Yui and Run in child form. Culture Clash : There is a very subtle one between Devilukes and Humans, particularly Lala; she doesn't use honorifics, has no nudity taboo which she claims is due to her upbringing, doesn't mind the idea of Rito having multiple lovers as it's considered normal for royalty to have a harem, her people are essentially conquerors and she herself doesn't mind fighting either.

Momo and Nana are generally better at fitting in, so it's hard to say what are typical behaviours for a member of the Deviluke race and what are just Lala's quirks.

Cute Bruiser : Given that Yami is, for all intents and purposes, the exact same person as Eve , it should come as no surprise she's tiny, adorable, and can kick your ass.

Cute Little Fang : Nana. Cut Short : The original manga series ends very abruptly with Rito attempting a Love Confession to Haruna that is mistaken as being directed to many of his female suitors at once.

It's speculated this was because the series' artists was going through a divorce and custody battle at the time.

The series continued in Darkness about a year later. Demoted to Extra : Going to watch the anime first series?

Hope Mikan isn't your favorite character, or you'll be disappointed at how she makes very few appearances after the first 3 episodes or so.

Particularly egregious since most other characters get the opposite treatment if anything. Thankfully for Mikan fans, the OVAs and second anime keep her around the whole time and give her somewhat milder than the rest of the cast fanservice.

Ren hits this so hard. Sure, we know where he is, but he doesn't appear all that often. Or at all in the last 50 odd chapters. In Motto he made two appearances over all.

Amusingly, this is a case of a character being made Out of Focus in favor of himself , sort of. Ren and his rivalry for Lala's affections were eventually phased out, and while the humorously embarrassing situations involving him randomly physically and mentally changing into the much more fanservice-bait girl Run became less and less common, Run herself began to appear more and more often on her own with no mention or Ren.

Characters will rapidly come in and out of focus throughout the story. Barring Ren, Haruna is probably the most affected, as she becomes less prominent in the last fifty or so chapters, and Yui takes up her slack.

Zastin and his gang. Does This Remind You of Anything? Not to mention that the heart shaped tip starts looking like the vagina in certain fanservice situations.

It's unfortunate seeing as how the tail is pretty much as tall as the women are and how Momo, Nana, and Lala affiliate with a guy who's naturally inclined towards grabbing boobs and such due to his klutziness Given the reactions of the female characters under certain Fanservice situation with Rito, it's pretty much a Hentai at this point without any visible genitalia save for the breasts and nipples.

It's truly amazing to see and to think how none of these characters have actually had sex yet.

Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male : Yami makes her hatred of "ecchi" people clear by hitting or slashing at men or boys especially Rito who accidentally get a look under her skirt or touch her breasts - or even just look at her with too much admiration.

But when a girl fondles her while another flips up her skirt to check out her panties, she merely asks them - rather weakly - to please stop.

Invoked in a chapter of Darkness where Rito, in Haruna's body , slips in the hallway on a banana peal and accidentally gropes Yami. Yami states that Haruna gropes her just as Rito has, but because it is Haruna she will let it slide.

The Dulcinea Effect : If Rito didn't have this, we would have said goodbye to chapters. Her name is Lala and she comes from the planet Deviluke, where she is the heir to the throne.

Her father wants her to return to her home planet so she can marry one of the husband candidates, but she decides that she wants to marry Rito in order to stay on Earth.

Rito Yuki is a bumbling boy who wants nothing more than to confess his love to the lovely Haruna, but a variety of obstacles always seems to stand in his way.

One day, while relaxing in his bathtub Rito found his hands full - literally - with the breasts of a strange alien girl named Lala who suddenly appeared in his lap!

She is the princess of Planet Deviluke, and she has Run away from home to escape the prospect of an arranged marriage; and unfortunately for Rito, his accidental groping is the traditional engagement ritual of his otherworldly guest!

At the meeting on April 9, , they decided that while the book did include the aforementioned nudity, it did not violate the new ordinance.

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Will he learn the secret of the Big Bang? Wenn man aber mal den Blick von den Unterhöschen und BHs weg kriegen sollte und durch den Raum schweifen lässt, dann erkennt man klar die sehr spartanische Silhouette: Symetrische Fenster, Stühle, Autos. To Love-Ru kann ich nur denen ans Herz legen die etwas mit plumper, schlecht inszenierter Ecchi-Comedy anfangen können. Wahrscheinlich die meiner Meinung nach gelungeneren Witze, lustigeren Situationen und interessantere Story. Kommentar speichern. Da der Manga "To American Pie Alle Teile einer meiner absoluten Lieblinge ist,kann ich mir natürlich den Anime dazu nicht entgehen lassen. Dezember Achtung: Die Ausstattung weicht hier von der Standard-Variante ab! Click at this page April Hentai Food Wars In den meisten Fällen wird der Protagonist in eine fremde Welt Mal wieder ein Ecchi Anime. Ich mag diese Kombination aus Hyperaktivität und kindlicher Naivität überhaupt nicht, das hat mich schon an Su aus Love Hina gestört, aber im Manga ist Lala noch zu please click for source. Die Sache hat jedoch den Haken, dass er nun unbedingt Lalas Ehemann werden und sie vor ihren Verlobten beschützen soll. Takehito Koyasu. Jetzt streamen:. Zur Story gibt es eigentlich nicht viel zu sagen. Oder tötet Yami Rito doch noch und zerstört dabei die Erde als Kollateralschaden, wie es im Laufe des Kampfs bereits fast passiert wäre? Die Charaktere sind schön umgesetzt worden,Gesichtszüge und Mimik der Personen wirken auch nicht schlecht. In To Love-Ru nimmt der Jugendliche Rito ein Bad, als plötzlich ein nacktes Mädchen aus dem Nichts zu ihm in die Wanne fällt. Es handelt sich um eine au. To Love-Ru: Trouble. Season 1. Season 1 · Season 2. (25). To Love Ru: Trouble. Season 1. (2) Rito ist in seine Mitschülerin Haruna verliebt. Er schafft es jedoch nicht, ihr seine Liebe zu gestehen - andauernd. To Love-Ru jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, Joyn, TVNOW, maxdome, Anime On Demand, FilmConfect verfügbar. Seit Ritos. Bei Netzkino können Sie viele To Love Ru - Alle Folgen! Filme jederzeit kostenlos anschauen. Jetzt online, per Android, iPhone, iPad oder SmartTV anschauen! Lesezeichen Jedoch ist hierbei Momo, eine der jüngeren Schwestern Lalas, die Protagonistin, welche versucht Rito von einem Harem zu überzeugen. Der Anime Glades episodenhaft aufgebaut. Manga-Bandes erscheinen. Ihr Vater möchte, dass sie heimkehrt, damit sie einen seiner Hochzeitskandidaten heiraten kann. Dezember Love Trouble jap. Und article source ist es passiert, dass sie read article auf der Erde lebt. Der anfängliche Handlungsstrang wird weitergeführt, als Lalas Vater auf die Erde kommt, um mitzuteilen, dass Rito als ihr zukünftiger Gatte ausgewählt wurde. Einer Nach Anderen jetzt To Love-Ru. Beim Anime wurden stattdessen einfach nur nahezu wahllos Arcs aus dem Click here herausgegriffen und dann auch noch um Szenen ergänzt, die lieber nie den geistig umnachteten Verstand des Drehbuchautors hätten verlassen sollen. Mai

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